Entrevista a Joao Nuno Fonseca

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Nombre: Joao Nuno Fonseca
Edad: 25
Profesión: Football Match Analyst at ASPIRE Academy - Qatar
Joao Nuno
Un futbolista
Cristiano Ronaldo - Tremendous attitude, quality and his personality always want more!
Un futbolísta con el que has coincidido
Ricardo (GoalKeeper FCPORTO) – humility, personality and commitment
Un entrenador
Pedro Emanuel - I worked previously with him in technical staff of Academica (Coimbra – Portugal) and persistency, bravure in any challenge and keep fighting  with our dreams were the main thoughts.
Un gol
Marinho scores (1-0) against Sporting CP in the final of Portuguese Cup 2012, that give us the victory and the title.
El mejor sistema de juego
I don’t like to say that “the best formation is…”. I prefer have a game idea and with that adapt to my strategy every game with a good understading of the moments.
Una jugada de estrategia
FCPorto of Andre Villas-Boas in ball possession and don’t allow the opponent have the ball that give all the titles in that season.
Equipo de la categoría
Actually I made team tactical analysis for all the teams of ASPIRE Academy and also sometimes to the National Team of QATAR.
El club de la historia
FCPorto since I was born, is my club! Club from the North of Portugal where the thought is win every single match, made all the diference.
Futbolista de la historia
Cristiano Ronaldo – the same thoughts that I mentioned in a previous question were the same and in my opinion it will be the best player in the football history.
Jugador con una gran proyección
Pedro Nuno - Academica Coimbra (passing, shot, game understanding and always available to learn make him a amazing player to the future)
Un momento deportivo
Portuguese Cup 2012 – Academica Coimbra
Un consejo
Live the life with dreams to achieve them with excellence not only in work but specially in life!
I deserve the best to your agencie always with professionalism


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