Entrevista a Vasco Évora

Escrito por Oscar. Publicado en Entrevistas

Nombre: Vasco Évora
Edad: 38
Profesión: Goalkeeper coach (License by FIFA)



Un futbolista
Jan Oblak, he started to play with me in Portugal, i was is goalkeeper coach. In that time i tell him many times that he will be one of the best goalkeepers ... And today he is.
Un futbolísta con el que has coincidido
Jan Oblak.
Un entrenador
José Mourinho, i work with him in Portugal, he is the best in the world.
Un gol
Alan traore (burkina faso striker) score 86' give us 3rd place can 2017.
El mejor sistema de juego
It depends the team, and the players characteristics, but personaly i prefere 4x2x3x1. There are many... i dont have one as reference
Una jugada de estrategia
Equipo de la categoría
Burkina Faso national team, after had work in leiria, sporting lisbon, belenenses, arouca, i acepted the invitation to work in Áfrican national team.
El club de la historia
Real Madrid, mediatics club ever.
Futbolista de la historia
It's Not fair if a tell just one... Cristiano Ronaldo, Luís Figo, pele, Eusébio, Messi...
Jugador con una gran proyección
Un momento deportivo
Burkina Faso qualification can 2017, we need to win the last match and we scored the Victory goal at 98'...
Un consejo
Fight for what you wish, opportunitys allway appens, but we never know when...


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